Meet Colin

Colin joined Robbies in 2015 and heads the photographic processing and printing as well as sharing studio duties with Ron.

Having spent over 45 years in the photographic industry, he brings an enormous amount of technical skill and knowledge with him both analogue and digital.

Photoshop has been a part of Colin’s life for nearly 30 years. An experienced and accomplished photographer, Colin brings additional insight to the printing process.

Digital printing

At Robbies Photographics, we look after your everyday photo printing needs or help you get something really special for a gift or a project to impress. We have top of the range digital printers and, together with the expertise of our staff, can offer you the highest quality printing. You can send us pictures from your mobile phone, memory cards, USB drive, CD/DVD or via e-mail, DropBox and WeTransfer etc.

We can also scan film or printed images and apply digital repairs and enhancements to produce the perfect result. Standard and express services are available.

Prints can be custom-sized to your requirements and be up to 12 inches wide by 48 inches long. Click below for our latest prices, sizes given are standard print sizes up to 18 x 12 inches.

Large format printing

Our large format Epson SC-P9000 44 inch printer is a state-of-the-art technology large format printer that uses Epson’s advanced Ultrachrome HDX inks for true, bright colours and deep neutral blacks. The standard paper is PhotoLustre, and although we do not recommend a gloss finish for large prints (due to the problems of light reflection), we do offer a PhotoGloss option.

All images are checked in Photoshop for colour, contrast and levels before a custom profile is applied and is sent to print. A test strip is printed first and can be approved by the customer prior to the final print being made.

We list standard sizes as a guide but we can print bespoke sizes to millimetre accuracy.

Fine Art and Canvas prints

For discerning photographers and artists, we recommend our Fine Art printing. This service is often used by artists to produce limited edition prints from original artwork. We use heavyweight fibre and cotton-based acid-free media.

– Hahnemuele Photo Rag Bright White 310gsm cotton based media – beautiful for portraits, landscapes and art reproduction
– Fuji Fine Art Etch – a textured watercolour style paper that is excellent for art reproduction and illustrations.

These are our 2 most popular papers, other finishes are available.

Canvas prints are made on Fuji FA Natural Canvas, 100% pure cotton with a warm natural surface. Canvas prints can be supplied rolled for shipping or stretched onto our hand made stretcher bars which can be cut to any size required.

We use a ten-colour pigment ink printer, the 44 inch Epson SC-P9000 to give crisp clean bright colours and deep neutral blacks.

All images are checked in Photoshop on our calibrated monitors for colour, contrast and levels before a custom profile is applied and sent to print. A test strip is printed first and can be approved by the customer prior to the final print being made.

We are able to photograph clients’ original artwork from £17 per item.

Film processing

Film development is alive and well, despite the rapid growth of digital photography and camera phones, there is a growing demand for film processing. Same day processing of 35mm and 120 film is available for both colour neg and black & white films at no extra cost. Scan and scan and print packages are both available, click below for our current prices.


Using our Epson, Fuji and Noritsu scanners, we can offer you both package scans and bespoke scanning options. Our package scans give you open files of between 17 and 24 Mb, depending on film format. These are typically saved as jpeg files of 3 – 9 Mb (depending on image content).
Once scanned, we supply your files via WeTransfer, alternatively we offer CD and USB.

We can also supply scans from prints and slides which can sometimes require some restoration and enhancement which may be charged additionally, please enquire.


The requirements for passports photos are very demanding today. We can meet all international passport and visa photographs to meet required specification. Results are supplied as prints, digital copies or, for peace of mind, both. ID photos are also available for other uses eg, club memberships, driving license etc

Age is no barrier to travel! We have many years’experience of taking this type of photo for babies and young children.

UK/EU 35 x 45 mm size 6 copies £9.00 Digital file £9.00 Prints and Digital file £12.00

US/India 50 x 50 mm size 4 copies £13.00 Digital file £13.00 Prints and digital file £16.00

Other non-standard sizes 4 copies £16.00 Digital file £16.00 Prints and digital file £19.00

We offer photography for all events and functions, we would love to hear your requirements. call us on